Rearrange parts of note

I would love to be able to rearrange lines within a note using an easy drag and drop similar to the way it works in one note. It would be especially nice if this feature included the ability to adjust the indentation, promoting and demoting single elements and selections of multiple elements within the hierarchy.


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I have not used the Mobile app, but just looking at the screenshots in the posts of those who are testing it, I see this feature being like magic.

I kind of just wanted to add this here until a mobile feature request category of some sort manifests.


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SOLUTION – MAC OS WORK AROUND – The abilty to drag drop across the info tree is essential if for complex structures. On a MAC you can install a free app called FoldingText and make it the default app for .md files. Then bind the obsidian command open-in-default-app to a convenient key. When you hit this key obsidian will save contents of the current file and launch it in FoldingText. The folding text app has the ability to increase/decrease the “####” marks for an entire subtree, and you can select-drag whole sub-trees when they are folded. Once you have re-arranged your trees, just close FoldingText and you are back in Obsidian!

(NOTE: when you increase or decrease “####” depth the display gets a little wonky with multiple fold sections stacked up. Don’t worry about it… the underlying text data is just fine, it is just wonky display behavior.)

I still cannot wait until we have this native in Obsidian, but this will help until then.


I haven’t tried this yet but it sure looks very promising: New Plugin: Drag-n-Drop for blocks just like Roam and Logseq