Really custom Daily Note convention

Things I have tried

  1. Watched videos on customizing the {{date}} value, e.g. YYMMDD and so forth.
  2. Read the documentation on moment.js which teases me with an “almost” answer!! Grr. :wink:
  3. Asked in the Discord
  4. Searched this help forum
  5. Now - creating my own Topic in Help

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to bring my daily habits into Obsidian. I perform personal weekly Scrum rituals to organize my activity by week.

I would like to have my daily files created with this format: <Number of Weeks since 1/1/1980>-
e.g. Today is Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2022 >> My Format >> 2235-4

Or, “My personal Sprint 2235, Day 4 of the Sprint” … does that make sense?

It seems from the moment.js docs that there is a “Time From X” function that should get me time since 1/1/1980 and then I just need it converted to weeks. Moment.js | Docs

Maybe I have to do this with Templater as a custom Daily Note Template?

And once I get this figured out, will the Calendar Plug-in even work to open Daily Notes from the past, or today’s?

I’ve been very excited getting started in Obsidian and building a 2nd brain, mine’s too heavy and needs to be off loaded.

But once you get stuck on a problem it takes up too much mental space and needs to be addressed. I hope you can help to ease my obstruction.

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