Readwise Sync, do you use LINKS or TAGS?

I am getting around to syncing my readwise highlights over to Obsidian, Here is the challenge I am thinking through.

When I do research, I like to be able to find a specific BLOCK level entry related to a topic I am looking at. For instance: If I had a highlight from an article that said “80% of Android users are likely to own a cat”, I might want to tag that as an #observation android so I can search for it later. The nice thing is, if I do tags this way from Readwise, all of my topic tags show in the search at the block level.

Now, if I do LINKS inside [], I get a different benefit. I can see the graph view and how they are related. The challenge is, I can’t easily search for the single BLOCK level for my tags. I guess I could use the LINE: search, but that is new to me. Feels like maybe it would work.

So, curious how you all have approached this? Tags for clean inline search queries on the block? Or Tags for graph linking?

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Personally I use tags for the TYPE of thing the highlight belongs to (Article, Tweet, Video, etc) as well as general topic, at the document level (Occasionally I might include a tag in a highlight note but I try not to). I try to integrate the highlights into my more general notes so links will go from my NOTES to OTHER NOTES with those notes linking back to READWISE NOTES. So, tagging is done in Readwise (Which means if I reformat my Readwise Export settings and need to pull them down again those will persist) and links are between non-Readwise notes that I pull info from Readwise notes to make them, manually.

Hope that makes sense :joy:


Thanks Cameron. One follow up. Do you take the highlights from Readwise and then create new notes per highlight? (and link those up?) Maybe I am misunderstanding too. As an example… if the highlight from readwise was “x% of people are not interested in 8k TVs”, I would assume that gets the #observation tag in the way you describe it, but in the readwise note does it also get a #tv or #entertainment tag too? I have been only linking those that made sense for me. But trying to see the benefit if I wanted to tag. So far I just use the search for line: video and a tag of observation.