Readwise official plugin in synced vaults – a problem?

I’m in the process of setting up a new vault, and just got to the Readwise integration. I’ve a vague memory of some special things to think about when using the Readwise plugin in a vault that’s also being synced to other devices. Something about its better to just have the plugin running on one of them for some reason. But I can’t find anything about this when searching the forums. Does my memory fail me?

I was looking for information about it, too. If you are talking about having the Readwise plugin running in two different vaults, I’ve just tried, and it seems that the highlights synced in a vault, won’t be synced in the other. Because the plugin threat the connection with Obsidian as a single one, so Readwise thinks it already synced all the highlights (even if you turn on the option to sync deleted files). This is very very very very silly :expressionless:

I will have to move articles from a Vault to another using external tools like this user suggested to me here, hoping that this won’t cause other problems

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