Reader view stops updating and does not reflect changes in the note

Steps to reproduce

Open the window in full-screen view, switch to reader view.
Update the file from outside obsidian or this particular window.
After some time, somewhat randomly, the view hangs, and then it stops reflecting the actual changes even if you switch back and forth to Live Preview, editing the file from the very same window.

Expected result

Reader view is updated after every file change that got persisted on the disk, either by obsidian or by an external process.

Actual result

The view hangs and no changes happen.


  • Operating system: macOS 12.5.1
  • Debug info: I did not copy it, and this bug is a bit of a heisen, but I was able to reproduce it in 0.16.2, 0.16.3 (+ with the default theme and all community plugins disabled)

Additional information

Can you post a screen recording of this happening in the sandbox vault?

I was trying to reproduce it in the sandbox vault today, but wasn’t able to.
Maybe some setting that I have in my vault, since it is reproducible there with no plugins/snippets.