Read it later app with deep obsidian integration

I’d love it if instapaper or readwise or omnivore could do this…

I highlight text, add a note and then type: [[
This integrates with obsidian so I can link to my topic pages.

Then the article goes to Obsidian. It saves the step of having to do this while you’re in obsidian.

Hi would love to know about your use. Are these mostly articles that you are reading? Where do you want to send the highlights?

I’ve got an unpublished plugin in the works that will do this. Highlights are on the roadmap but not yet implemented.

Sneak preview:

I’d like to view the article in instapaper (or equivalent), add a note to the highlight and then be able to link to Obsidian pages while creating that note.

I think omnivore will fit your criteria.

You can import article, pdf, etc… Highlight it while you read and then automatically or manually get it synced with your vault and as you requested it haves deep obsidian integration.