Rarely some Hotkeys stop working

The hotkey does not react, while others work.

Only happened twice until now (Template, Smart Random Note (Plugin by Eric Hall)). The hotkeys always have been a combination of cmd+alt+key. Most of the time I have 2 separate vaults with different hotkeys open. Restarting Obsidian fixes the issue; resetting the hotkey does not.

Maybe it is just the weirdness of my setup, maybe someone has encountered the same problems.

MacOS 10.15.7
happenden on Obsidian Versions: 0.9.19 and 0.9.21

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if you have repro steps, let us know.

It might be after updating obsidian. It only occurred twice over the course of a month, so I can’t say for certain. I’ll keep it in mind.

This also happens to me. I was trying to reproduce it before filing a bug report, but it appears to be random.

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Are you on MacOS?

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I am.

Same problem happened to me.

Once on 0.9.21 I believe, several of the common hotkeys (Ctrl - O, Ctrl - P, navigate back/forward) didn’t work anymore. Restarting Obsidian fixed the issue.

Today on 0.9.22 the custom hotkey I made for open today’s note didn’t work anymore. I use Ctrl - N for that hotkey, but instead got the standard ‘make new note’ behaviour that is the default for Ctrl - N. Looking in the hotkey settings I also couldn’t find the ‘go to daily note’ hotkey anymore. When I restarted Obsidian, the hotkey worked fine again.

I’m on Windows.

For me it always have been hotkeys with CMD+ALT+ …

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Does this happen with no third party plugins enabled?

I don’t use third party plugins. I have the following core plugins enabled:

  • File explrorer
  • Search
  • Quick switcher
  • Backlinks
  • Starred
  • Command palette
  • Daily notes
  • Random notes
  • Sync (as of 0.9.21).

I have found the root cause of the issue, and will be releasing a fix in the next version!


Will be fixed 0.10.

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