Random note should skip empty files

A lot of empty files get generated when we try to group notes with some topics. When I try the “Open random note” feature, it opens empty notes most of the time. It would be more useful if empty files are skipped.


I agree. Except, backlinks should definitely be considered content. If you make a page, and it is a major hub with multiple backlinks, you might see some interesting connections in the Backlinks pane.


Thinking on this further, now I think I disagree. As I’ve been using Random Note more and more, I sometimes find empty pages, or badly formatted links, that I then have the opportunity to prune and clean up. I like this! My network is growing stronger this way.


The suggestion should be an option then, not the default behavior.

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Agreed, so does the templates (for today's note). Should I open a new topic?

No, you should use the forum search. You can go vote for this feature: Limit Random Note to a folder

(Vote by liking the post. That’s how it’s counted.)

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Thank you. I’m still noob.

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There are many ways in which we might want to filter “random notes”.
I think it would be easier to direct this towards third-party plugin.
There are too many more general core feature requests (for this to become priority).