Random links getting changed

I have been noticing some random changes in the links.

For example, if I have a page with a few lines of text and a few bullets.

The second point was ‘Rank Societies’. I am 100 percent sure about it. and the page was not yet created as I was writing stuff in the “Egalitarian Societies” page. When I came back to start off with Rank Societies, I saw it’s name was changed somehow. The name it has now is actually the page title itself!

And this is not the first time, I saw a few more times, I assumed I had messed up. But, surely, this can’t be me this time.

If this is a bug, I don’t feel safe in Obsidian!!

Here is the screenshot from my iPad where the changes are still not synced. (last sync was a few hours before)
So, definitely Obsidian messed up something somewhere.

It would be great if you could provide reproduceble steps.
Also make sure this still happens the default css and no third party plugins.

There aren’t any reproducable steps, since it’s happening at random. Sometimes, I catch it. I don’t even know how many of my files are corrupted this way :frowning:

As for css, I will use Obsidian in safe mode for sometime starting now and will see if I can catch an error :slight_smile: