Race Condition with syncing Preferences with iCloud

Steps to reproduce

  1. Have Obsidian open on two seperate devices. (In my case my Mac Mini and iPad).
  2. Change setting Default location for new attachemnts to in subfolder under current folder on Mac.
  3. Close Obsidian on Mac.
  4. Open settings on Ipad.

Expected result

  • See setting to be updated to new value

Actual result

  • Old value is persisted on iPad
  • When I reopen Obsidian on Mac old value is retained.


  • Operating system:
    Mac: MacOS 11.5
    iPad: iPadOS 14.7
  • Obsidian version:
    Mac: v0.12.10
    iPad: 1.0.3

Additional information

Work Around
Only have a single Obsidian instance open at a time. Then when you open obsidian on a new device after the setting has been saved you will see the updated setting as expected.

As far as this bug report goes, we don’t provide explicit support for third party sync solution.

For this specific issue, I suggest you open a Feature Request asking for supporting live reloading of settings files when they are modified externally.