R code block from ` ` `{r}

Things I have tried

I’ve searched for RMarkdown and fenced code blocks in earlier topics and threads and not found a thread that answers my particular question.

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to make Obsidian recognise ```{r} as an R code block showing syntax highlighting as this would allow me to have RMarkdown files in Obsidian exported as .md files.

Is this possible to fix through a snippet? Or is it a more fundamental issue that will be hard to implement? I’ve noticed several threads requesting obsidian to read .rmd files which I understand is not something that’s likely going to happen for several reasons. Therefore as R supports export in markdown format fixing this code block issue seems, at least to me, as a good alternative solution.

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It seems that Obsidian doesn’t support .rmd files yet, not mention to support ```{r}.

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