Quickswitcher to Show Headings (in addition to files)

Use case or problem

Quickswitcher only shows .md files, but I don’t always remember if I saved something as a separate file or under a heading in a file. Headings are awesome as they allow you to combine many concepts in one line and to integrate them together.

Current solution is to search for headings using the “section:()” command in the regular search, but you have to remember how you saved that piece of information, so it’s not as seamless.

Proposed solution

It would be great if the Quickswitcher could also pick up headings, same as if you would write [[## . . .]] inline in your note.

Current workaround

Type in [[## . . .]] in your note and then use keyboard shortcut to open the heading in a new pane.

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There is a plugin that does this: GitHub - darlal/obsidian-switcher-plus: Enhanced Quick Switcher plugin for Obsidian.md

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Thank you!

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