Quickly open linked editing and preview pane

Things I have tried

  • Searching the forums for “shortcut”
  • Looking in the online help

What I’m trying to do

Quickly open a searched page OR the current page with side-by-side editing and preview modes, where they are scroll linked. I can do this manually and it requires these steps assuming a page is open…

  1. Split vertically (keyboard shortcut works)
  2. Switch one pane (the right one) to preview mode (Ctrl+E works)
  3. Link current page (no keyboard support, not found when Ctrl + P and search for ‘link’)
  4. Select editing pane (keyboard shortcut possible)

How can I do this very quickly without using the mouse?

I’m a Mac user, so I used Keyboard Maestro to create a hotkey that command-clicks the preview icon. Best solution I’ve come up with so far.

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