QuickAdd Plugin, get MarkdownView for replaceSelection

Things I have tried

1. const obsidian = require('obsidian')
2. import MarkdownView from 'obsidian'

My Function:
function url_encode_selection(params) {
	const {
    } = params
	let selection = app.workspace.activeEditor.getSelection()
	let encodedSelection = encodeURI(selection)

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to replace a not uri encoded selection with its uri encoded version via quickAdd.

Thank you!

Instead of an macro, I used the capture template with the following capture format:

// Inside a codeblock annotated with "js quickadd"
const input = await app.workspace.activeEditor.getSelection()
return encodeURI(input)

But would be nice to know how to access MarkdownView for further little scripts.

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