QuickAdd: how to add a note to the folder I'm now in?

I had configured QuickAdd to add a new note with a template to the folder I was in which I called “here”. It worked fine but now I want to set up another vault the same way and can’t remember how to so this and I can’t find the instructions in the documentation.

Please tell me how to “add a new note here”, or find the instructions to do this.

If you got the old vault, can’t you then go to the settings of QuickAdd and look through the configuration of your “here” choice step-by-step, and then duplicate the steps in the new vault?

No, I can’t. That was my first idea, but as soon as I touched the setting in the other vault to look at it, it changed and I couldn’t find it anymore. It was as if I never set it. That’s why I posted the question here.

I’m wondering if something has changed in the plugin since I installed and configured it some time ago.

I tried again and it works now. No idea why it didn’t last time. I must have skipped or missed something somewhere. Thanks.

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