QuickAdd Capture Prompt Order Problem

What I’m trying to do

I’m using QuickAdd prompts for the first time. I just want to add some tasks, like this:

{{VALUE:task name}} {{VALUE::small_red_triangle:,:arrow_double_up:,:arrow_up_small:,:arrow_down_small:,:arrow_double_down:, }} :hourglass_flowing_sand: {{VDATE: scheduled date, YYYY-MM-DD}}

However, from logic and what I read online, the order of pop-up prompts when I create this should be taskname, priority and scheduled date.

But for some reason whenever there is a value with VDATE, it always gets asked first. I just want it to work as it should, with the prompts being asked in the order they are written.

Things I have tried

Searched this forum, Reddit and Google for a similar issue and found nothing.

I tried changing VDATE to VALUE to see if it would change the order and it did. I did several changes and it seems that the case is that it just bumps VDATE for the first prompt always.

Tried reinstalling QuickAdd a couple of times and restarting Obsidian.

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Yep, I’m experiencing the same thing. VDATE fields are prompted first.

#task #{{value:tagName}} {{value:Nouvelle tâche}} ➕{{date}} 📅 {{vdate:échéance,YYYY-MM-DD}} ⏳ {{vdate:à faire le,YYYY-MM-DD}}

Did you find anything yet?