Quick way to switch between expanded and narrow, pane-less window?

Hi, I’m sure there are questions like this, but I couldn’t find them, so here’s the thing:

I normally use Obsidian occupying all my screen, with both side-panels displayed, but I often need to resize it to a narrow window, move it to one side of the screen and hide the side panels, so I can place it next to a browser or reader to take notes on a minimal interface.
Repeat this process several times a day and that’s a lot of clicks.

  • Is there a plugin or way to do this in a less bothersome way?

  • I’ve tried Workspaces to hide/show the panels, but that changes the open tabs and I still have to drag to resize, so it ends up taking more effort.

  • If there’s no way to do this quickly, do you think I should open a feature request for my ideal one click switch between “Expanded I-see-Everything” and “Minimal notepad” modes?

Thank you

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