Quick theme switcher

Is there a way to assign a hotkey or something similar to quickly switch between theme? Like having a hotkey to toggle between all my installed themes, or assign a hotkey for a specific theme?
I would like to have that functionality because sometimes I rather use a specific theme for reading long notes and another for editing/previewing



Hi @erankatz it looks like the Theme Picker community plugin does what you are looking for to an extent. It doesn’t have a keyboard shortcut, but it’s easy enough to change themes by opening the command palette and typing in theme and enter to get a list of installed themes. There is also a clickable item on the bottom of the Obsidian tool that opens the list of themes as well.

As you scroll through the themes the tool updates with the new theme automatically so you can preview the look.

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Actually, once you install Theme Picker you can set a hot key up to open the list of installed themes, so seems like it will do what you’re looking for.

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