Quick switcher will stop the application to work

Steps to reproduce

I will open quick switcher with CTRL+O on Windows. The latest version of Obsidian is installed. And start typing.

Expected result

I would expect that depending on what I am typing results will show up so that I can select one and switch to the actual sub-page/site.

Actual result

Obsidian freezes and nothing will happen I can start typing, no recommendations will show up. When I have not typed something yet I am able to close the quick switcher with hitting ESC. After I have typed something it won’t close anymore unless I hit Backspace as many times as I have written characters. Then again, I can close by hitting ESC. If I have written something and hit any arrow keys or Enter Obsidian freezes completely and I won’t be able to return/close by hitting ESC.


  • Operating system: Windows 10 Version 1909
  • Obsidian version: latest (v0.08.4)

Additional information

I am using icons within somefilenames and foldernames. I would believe that this causes these issues but I am not certain.


Aside from the emoji, did you import some filename with forbidden characters?
If you delete .obsidian/cache. Does it help?

Hi there sorry for the late reply. So removing the emojis helped a bit but still the search crashes every few uses. What would be forbidden characters? I will try deleting the cache.

this * " \ / < > : | ?

So I did just check all the filenames in my vault and there are no “forbidden” characters used. So since I removed the emojis the behavior has changed to: work one time after I first open Obsidian and then to just crash again when opening it second time.

I will try to see if the issue still exists if I create a compleatly new vault.

So the issue stays the same after creating a new vault in a new directory. Will empty cache and try again.

Okay there is actually no cache as it seems. Will reinstall Obsidian. Is there anything to delete after uninstall despite %appdata% ?

So uninstalled, deleted all from %appdata% and the issue still is the same.

can you put send me a copy of your vault in a zip file?
You attach a link a as DM here or on discord.

Issue us solved after the latest update! Thanks :slight_smile: