Quick note capturing / Document Lookup Workflows

Hey Y’all, I’m looking for ways/workflows that I can use for Quick Note capturing and document lookup. Want to use iCloud or Dropbox for sync

1. Quick Note capturing: Basically, the app is fast, and can be used to store quick notes. These notes might stay there for a while, but it’s like a research storage or something like that. Mostly things I want to look up quickly. Like serial numbers, some snippets of text, food receipts, etc.

2. Document Lookup: It can store images/PDFs of documents and I can refer back to them. These docs are mostly things I might need to refer to quickly, like driving license, bank account number, etc. I don’t intend of using this as a document cabinet. Maybe max of 100 docs.

3. Searchable: The notes are searchable/indexed. Like Apple Notes, which show up in spotlight search on iOS and Mac so I don’t have to open the app and search for it

ATM, I’m using Bear Notes for it (quick/searchable/uses iCloud), but want to minimize the subscriptions I have. Apple Notes is another good one, but the lack of export options and formatting stops me.

Do you think Obsidian is a good fit and if others are using it for something similar? What are your workflows

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Have you tried Drafts?

Tried it. Drafts does not support attachments.

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Yes for 1 and 3. Not as good for 2.

I use The Brain, Obsidian, and Dropbox but my system is not complete.