Quick formatting options

Use case or problem

Obsidian should format whole lines, if there are no characters selected and we apply formatting options:

  • highlight mark,
  • bold,
  • italic,
  • quote,
  • strikeout

Applicable to:
useful for short sentences and eventually headers

Proposed solution

Remove character selection as a strict requirement if users don’t select any characters

Current formatting

Currently, we are able to format headers in a very convenient way, (especially useful on mobile) if we put our cursor in a random spot of a line and activate the header formatting

I want this formatting feature applied to other formatting options too (bold, italic, etc.)

Desired formatting extended

  1. place your cursor in a random spot of a line to format,
  2. Press your shortcut for bold to format a whole line without any characters selected
  3. Obsidian will apply bold to the whole line

if we want to format sentences in paragraphs without line breaks or just some words in a short sentence instead, then we need to manually select words before we apply formatting, this is understandable and needs no further discussion.

Current workaround (optional)

None, to format a sentence we’ve to select first some words/characters manually

Related feature requests (optional)


It sure would be useful to be able to format a list item without having to make sure that all but the - at the beginning of the line is selected first.


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Triple-click could be an option, but I have soft line breaks applied to most lines, and the result will be messed up.

If you’re using spaces for the soft line break it might work after the recent update.

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I have 1.4.11 on Linux and 1.4.5 on Win. I’m on WIn.

EDIT. Now, on Linux, all good.

Thanks for the heads-up.

Yeah, triple click is ok, still adding formatting in an easier way would be comfortable, also on mobile

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