Quick font size adjust not working with MX Master3 mouse + m1 mac

Anyone successfully using a MX Master3 with a m1 Mac and Quick font size adjust?

m1 MacBookPro (macOS 12.4)
Obsidian 0.14.6 (0.14.6 installer)

Holding down Ctrl and scrolling (main scroll wheel) just scrolls, no font size change using the MX mouse.

  • USB mouse works
  • Elecom Bluetooth mouse works
  • Apple Magic Trackpad works (but klunky)

I’m thinking a system or Logitech setting but can’t find what preference to reset or change. Any other apps similar to Obsidian to see if it’s not working there as well?


edit: I just installed Visual Studio Code and Ctrl+scroll adjusts text size fine with the MX mouse.

edit2: Removing the Logi Options+ software restores Quick font size adjust in Obsidian (which is not ideal). Will mail Logitech and report back.