Quick Capture To Daily Note in Style of Things3

Hey Obsidian Community!

is there a plugin that would allow me to quick-capture a note into obsidian in the style of things? I would want the quick capture note to go into a daily note

Here’s a video breakdown of the idea:

Quick Capture To Obsidian Daily Note Breakdown

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As you are using a mac, you have lots of options. I use Raycast with its Obsidian extension, but Alfred is also popular. If you search here you’ll see a pile of workflows for Alfred. Apple Shortcuts are also an option (I use a few on my phone).

Here I’m triggering Raycast → choosing the Append to Daily note command → Tab → typing what I want added → Return.

CleanShot 2023-08-27 at 11.40.50

I’m looking for something like this as well.

One of the reasons that I stick with Things3 is the capture flow. Is too good. And not only for desktop, but also on phones.

That little dialog where you can quickly a thought and even read the current page you’re browsing is the most time saver tool I’ve ever used.

I don’t think there’s a better capture flow in any other application. Bringing this to Obsidian would increase my productivity x10