Quick Capture Notification Bar for Obsidian Mobile

Obsidian is superb on desktop, but I find it a little too clunky on mobile, especially with all the plugins I have installed.

Sometimes, while scrolling on social media, I find something interesting to add in a zettelkastel note… But instead of directly opening Obsidian mobile, I just save it in Google Keep first or just screenshot it, and then later transfer it to Obsidian, usually via the desktop app. Taking a screenshot or making a note on google keep is just easier on mobile

So my suggestion is, why don’t we have a Quick Capture Bar in the notifications area for the mobile app? (I have Android in mind, I don’t really know how it will work on iOS)

Basically, in this bar we can have commands like “Add Note,” “Screenshot,” etc., and with the option to save it in a specific Obsidian folder.


Yes,took the thought out of mind too. Am tired of switching from one app to obsidian for the quick capture.