Quick Capture from Lock Screen with iOS 18 Controls API

Quick Capture on Obsidian Mobile with iOS 18:

Quick capture on obsidian mobile has been a bit of a high friction task for me, especially with the long app loading times and opportunities for distraction that come with using a mobile device.

iOS 18 will be bringing customizable, app specific controls to the control center and lock screen, allowing for a quick, low friction, and distraction free quick capture solution.

As an individual with ADHD, the less friction required to get ideas out of my head into my vault, the more likely I am to take notes in the first place. A built in quick capture solution would be a well appreciated feature.

Proposed solution - iOS 18 Controls API

During Apples WWDC event, the new Controls API were showcased, accessible through the command center, the lock screen (via the customizable camera and flashlight buttons) and the Action Button on iPhone 15.

An integrated Quick Capture Control would allow users to ideally quickly write a new note, give it a title, and optionally select a non default location for the note. Appending content to the current daily note (and maybe under a specific header) would also be very useful.

This may be able to circumvent requiring the app to fully load before taking notes and could simply append the content to a markdown file in the background.

Optionally or additionally, a quick capture home screen or lock screen widget may be able to accomplish the same task.

I would love to see this feature come to the iOS mobile app if possible, and i think it would greatly benefit many users, especially those who rely on fleeting notes and quick capture.