Quick capture for Android

Use case or problem

I would like to quickly create notes.

Proposed solution

An option in the context menu (long press in the app icon) with an option to create a new note.

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I use the Lumberjack plugin on iOS. I see there is a discussion on how to use it on Android as well here.

To use the URL’s of Lumberjack (obsidian://log and obsidian://timber) on Android you can use Automate (Free), Tasker (Paid) or Shortcut to URL (Free).

URL schemes

  • Run the obsidian://log command to open Obsidian and log a new thought in your daily note at an appended line and start writing immediately.
  • Run the obsidian://timber command to create a new draft in a designated inbox folder and start writing immediately.

And with MacroDroid (free / paid).