Questions with Tags as the basis for a spaced repetition plugin

Before I knew about the popular “Spaced Repetition” plugin, I developed a primitive method to write my questions/answers and also to review them:

  • all questions start with “- #Q
    • answers are all indented bullet points
  • questions I had difficult with are marked with “#review” at the end

It ends up looking like this:

I create a note for every topic (in my case, diseases) and each file has several questions. Like this:

Then I search for the particular tag I want to review (#q, #review, etc) and sort the results from oldest to newest.

After I learned about the Plugin “Spaced Repetition” I adapted some of the notes to the plugin requirements and I did enjoy the interface (only 1 question at a time; randomized questions).
However, so far as I understood, the tags are “embedded” to a specific note. In my use case (several questions per note) the plugin has the disadvantage that you can’t attribute a hashtag to a specific question and can’t review questions (across all notes) that have the #review hashtag (for example).

What do you think about a plugin that searches for questions with hashtags (across all notes) and allows you to review the questions one at a time?