Questions (roadmap, sales...)

  1. Is this roadmap updated? Trello
  2. What are the new items that is working on? I seen much much slower updates of the app.
  3. Is the revenue from sales enough for supporting the developers?
  1. Yes, the roadmap is up to date.
  2. Please see Development slowdown?. Development speed will ebb and flow. “Small” features might take a tonne of work. Lots of development makes the app better under the hoods while being totally invisible to users.

“Rapid development” is not a feature of Obsidian—nor any app—nor should it be. The fact that Obsidian’s development has progressed so quickly is a hallmark of development talent to be celebrated, to be sure, but please try not to shame or guilt the devs when they take a beat.

  1. I can’t answer this, but there’s no reason to doubt Obsi’s sustainability.

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