Questions for first-time use


  1. How to create a default setting template for each newly created Vault?
  • It is exhausting to do the setting for every newly created Vault as I find each individual Vault is separated entities.
  1. How can I change the Vault name?
  • I tried to change the name by renaming the local folder, but then I cannot open the Vault. I wonder if there is a way to change the Vault name or is it something permanent ?
  1. How can I delete a file group ?
  • I use “shift” to select multiple files but then I cannot delete them in group. I have to mechanically delete each individual file. Though, I can move them in group.

==Extra contributing Ideas==

  1. The icon of “File Explorer” and “New Folder” have similar look, which could lead to confusion or click mistakes.
  • This is something concerning of aesthetic appearance. Wouldn’t it be great to have plus icon to differentiate ?
  1. Drop file on file
  • Wouldn’t be it cool to drop a file on to another file and it will become a sub-file within the folder?
  • Moreover, when a file is inside a folder, it cannot be dropped back out into the Vault again.
  1. How many vaults do you have?? The settings are stored in a hidden folder under YourVault/.obsidian so in theory you could copy settings. You’d just have to be careful not to copy settings that overwrite any data in an older vault (for example, a list of starred files, or your workspace layouts, or file-recovery). But a fresh template should be safe. Plugins and appearance are stored in there.

  2. You can change the folder name. But Obsidian won’t be able to find it since it looks for the name. To fix it, you just need to “Open another vault” and go pick the renamed folder, and it will be there again.

  3. For this I suggest opening a feature request. (Search the forums first, I bet it already exists.)

  4. That’s a good point. But this won’t be considered unless you make a separate feature request.

  5. You want the file to become a folder? I know Scrivener works that way where a folder can become content, but Obsidian works with actual folders and Markdown files. I don’t think it can work that way.

Is that a problem you’re having, or a feature your suggesting? If it’s a problem you’re having, there is a command “Move file to another folder”, and you absolutely can choose / as an option to move it back to the Vault’s root. And you can drag a file on to the name of your vault, and it will drop it in the Vault’s root as well.

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Hi rigmarole,

Thank you so much for your answers. I have learnt a lot more.

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