Questions about finding and placing

I’m not sure I’m explaining my problem in a way that it can easily be converted into an answer. Is there some information I need to introduce every question with…Like, I’m using the Dracula Theme?

Questions about finding and placing: Finding and placing the calendar (plug-in) The 5 BEST Obsidian Plugins I Use // EP 2 Mastering Obsidian - YouTube Timestamp: 3:06 involves the placement of a calendar in the bottom right corner of Obsidian. I’ve loaded the plug-in and enabled it. Now how do I go about grabbing it and placing it in the bottom right corner of Obsidian right panel?

Finding and placing the graph Why you NEED to learn Obsidian // EP1 Mastering Obsidian - YouTube 14:25 shows Serfio specifying something called Local Graph, than grabbing and placing it into the top right corner of the Obsidian right panel. I brought the graph up, but implementing “Local Graph” seems to do nothing, and placing it is a total mystery.

For the calendar, click and hold your left mouse button on the calendar icon. If you move slightly, you’ll see the thick | looking thing and your mouse pointer will change to a small hand (you can’t see the hand in the screenshots). You can then move it around in that tab, drag it to the bottom so it’s on it’s own, or anywhere really.

For the local graph, Cmd/Ctrl + P then type open local graph

It will open in a tab. You can click and hold on the tab, move a bit, see the little hand, then move it anywhere you’d like.

Thanks! It all worked when I–completely accidentally noticed the Calendar which had been hiding behind a pane border.
Then I lost it, and now can’t find it.
If you know you have activated a plug-in (like the Calendar) is there a straightforward way to find it?

If you managed to close the calendar tab, Cmd/Ctrl + P then type calendar: open view. If the command doesn’t show up, then the calendar is still open somewhere and you’ll need to find it.

You can also turn the plugin off and on again. That usually brings it back. The same goes for the core plugins (Files, Search, etc.).