Question to the Obsidian creators: Callout interrupts numbered list: Intentional behaviour?


I would like to ask the creators of Obsidian another question on certain behaviour and whether this is intention or whether there is an intention to change this. It would be kind if you would answer.

The situation:

You begin a list like

  1. one
  2. two

The (linked?) list is not continued when inserting a callout between two points.

  1. three <--- manually typing 3. ... but no real continuation or indentation.

The result of pressing tab then is not a bullet with number 2.1 but an indentation and mere text

<indentation/"pipe character"> 1. the text that should go under bullet 2.1

Thanks for your anwer!


You need to mark your code by putting 3 backticks or tildes on the lines above and below it, so we can see your exact Markdown.


But yes, putting things between list items normally interrupts the list unless you make it part of a list item by indenting it enough to make it a child of the list item. (I don’t know for sure if callouts can be put in list items.)

Hello @CawlinTeffid

no, it is not intended that code or callouts are indented. (Indentation must be fixed)

Then it is said that such elements break numbered lists.

best wishes!

You can indent under a list item.

- A list item with multiple paragraphs.
    The list item's second paragraph.
    The third.
    > I believe you can do this with blockquotes too, so maybe callouts will work (but maybe the special fallout rendering will break? I don't know)

- A subsequent list item. 

Indenting by 4 spaces or 1 tab outside of a list item marks the text as a code block (you can indent with fewer spaces as an editing convenience; it doesn’t affect rendering).

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