Question on Tagging and Blocks

HI all,

I am taking notes from a textbook and I am wondering about the best way to tag content from within the chapter. The chapter contains several main topics that I have sub-tags on.

For example, in the book I have:

Chapter 1 Major grouping of main topics
Topic 1
Topic 2
Topic 3

I already have tags for each topic because I have other articles, videos, books, and podcasts related to those topics.

What I want is when I click on a topic in the tags or when I reference it in dataview queries, I only want that topic and not the entire chapter.

Right now, my organization method for my source notes looks something like this:

Because this is a textbook, I am creating a separate note for each chapter because I want to somehow preserve the structure of the book.

Things I have tried

I know I can just throw a tag in each section and it will pull up the note. This seems problematic to me because it pulls up more than I want when I reference the tag

I’ve thought about making atomic notes for each of the topics that exist as sections in the chapter. In my head, that looks like /Sources/Books/Author_Book/Chapter with the subtopics embedded in each chapter note. But, that seems like it could get out of control quickly. Also, how to show that the atomic note by itself is originally from Chapter 1 of Book X?

I’m just getting started, so I’m open to an entire rip and rebuild of my organizational strategy. Love to hear everyones’ thoughts

If you do go the route of using levels of embedded atomic notes, you could consider using nested tags so as to retain the relationships with parent tags.

Good luck!

I don’t know how crucial dataview is here, but if “not very”, an embedded search will give you the single line that’s tagged (as a preview) — this could be the summary of that section.

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