Question on search result note selection highlight and navigation

Clicking through a list of search results in Obsidian, is there any way for the selected file in the sidebar to be highlighted? When I open my Obsidian vault in VS Code and perform a search and click through various search results, the file that is currently selected is highlighted, making it easy to tell which search result I’m currently reviewing. Plus I can use the up and down arrows to step through the search results. And I’m wondering if I can do the same thing in the Obsidian app. I tried playing around with the CSS, but I didn’t see any unique selector to hook onto for the currently selected search result.

I’m somewhat new to Obsidian, coming from the outliner world of Logseq and Tana. So I’m not even sure my question is a good one as it may make no sense for typical workflows in Obsidian. I’d love to hear how others navigate search results in Obsidian. And thank you for taking the time to consider my questions.

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