Question : Left Sidebar problem

Why , when I click on a Folder in the Left Sidebar, it indents Right??? I don’t want that to happen. I haven’t used my Vaults in a while. Not liking the fact that everything I had set-up, as i wanted it, has been messed with with these latest ‘updates’. I can’t remove the indents after they have been made. Seriously? How can I stop this function from working?

What I’m trying to do

Things I have tried

As far as I’m concerned, this folder auto-‘tab’ function shouldn’t even be happening. How do I disable it?


I’m not really understanding what you mean, could you upload a an image or dinky little GIF of the problem?

Most likely the Onsidianite theme.

Use another theme until it is updated (or check for updates, it may have been fixed already).

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