[Question] From where can I find the download link


[x] iOS
[ ] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v0.0.xx

I am new to the mobile app. I would like to know from where I can find the download link of the mobile app in the forum under #Mobile. I think I already got the catalyst badge but still could not find the link to the mobile app. Thanks!

You need to first go to the Discord server which is different from the forum. The link is on the Obsidian website. Then you need to activate your badge on Discord in a similar way than you did on the forum (instructions are in Obsidian help). In Discord, you need to open the pinned messages on the mobile channel (on iOS it’s the left side bar). The download link and instructions for mobile app are there. It’s a few steps but worked for me on first try.

Thank you so much for your instruction. I thought the link can be accessed on both discord and the forum. Just got it downloaded. :+1: I used the web version of the Discord and the #mobile tag can be found on the left, by going into which the link can be accessed.

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