Question from a newbie

Just downloaded Obsidian Release v0.7.3 thought to go through the tutorial in ‘Start Here’ but the links don’t work.

Is it meant to be like that?

Seems like you’re in edit mode. To click a link you need cmd/ctrl + click. If you go to preview mode using the first icon on right top or shortcut cmd/ctrl + E, then you can click the links normally.


It’s as @Miah said… I’ll just reword and add:

  • your image shows that you’re in Edit mode (the other mode is Preview)
    • you can split your screen and have those two modes next to each other
  • if you work in Edit mode, you need to add ‘cmd/ctrl +’ to click on a link
  • in Preview mode, you simply click on link

I’m a newb too


Thank you so much! It was easy :smile:

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Thanks, Rishi. I really appreciate taking your time.