Question: Adding a template to ongoing note jumps note to the top

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Forgive me. This is my first post/question.

I keep a long on going note for meeting notes at my work to just keep things clean for myself. When I start a meeting and a new day I have a template I add to the note. However, whenever I do this it takes me back up to the top of the note. It is easy enough to hit ctrl+end to get back to the bottom, but why does this happen? Is there a setting I have on that could be causing this or is it a bug? It is a mild inconvience, but this note can be huge holding years worth of notes and having it jump to the top can be very annoying.

Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

That doesn’t happen to me. If you’re not on mobile, see if it happens in the sandbox vault (found in the help menu). You’ll need to setup a template in the vault to test it.

Thank you Cawlin I will try that out and report back.

Ok so playing around with sandbox I have discovered a couple of things.

1- It works if I keep it in the main obsidian window in sandbox and my vault. (FYI I am using windows desktop)
2- The jump to top bug seems to only happen if I have the note open as a docked window.
3- I cannot test if the docked window displays the same bug in the sandbox because the insert template hot key does not appear to work in sandbox.

What do you mean by “docked window”? A pane in the sidebar? A pinned pane?

You can change settings in the sandbox, so you can assign whatever hotkey you use and then test it. Or does it have a hotkey already and that doesn’t work?

By docked window I mean I opened the note using “move to new window”. Once it is in that new window it just jumps to the top.

Correct on the sandbox. It has a hotkey assigned, but just does not do anything.

However the work around of just keeping the notes open in the main window is fine for me. I like to have a few things open at once, but I can move my other notes to “new windows” instead so my large note is not effected by this.

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