Question about the Sync service

Does Obsidian’s sync service sync vaults that are anywhere on your filesystem? Or are they forced into a specific place on the system?

For example, using iCloud requires putting the synced vault under the iCloud drive.

I am hoping the Obsidian sync service does away with this limitation.


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For me, I put my macOS vault in a random, non-iCloud location. I think it’s still in my user folder. The chooser didn’t limit where I could find the vault.

I’m new so I’m still searching for good solutions.

I want to use Obsidian’s own sync system, but I have this question: If I do that, and sync to a folder on my Mac SSD (not in iCloud, probably in my user directory), will iPad ALSO have a local copy of my data, or will all my work on the iPad be from the cloud?

And where will that local copy be on the iPad?


hi @jmpsfs
What “cloud sync” usually means is that there is a server on the Internet which stores a copy of your files and manages propagating copies/changes across your devices.So, any device you are “syncing” with it get its own copy. In other words: there are copies of your files on your Mac, there are copies on your iPad and there are copies on the “cloud” services’s servers. And they are kept in sync (usually with a few seconds delay).

Now, part of your question is exactly the same as my question: does Obsidian’s sync service work from anywhere on our computers’ HD/SSD? (It seems the answer is yes, but I am also looking for confirmation.)

Yes, it can work from anywhere in your hard drive. Any folder would work – just connect all the local vaults to the same remote vault (remote vaults are created with the Sync plugin after you purchase it), and they will be kept in Sync.

To answer your question explicitly, the folder doesn’t need to be in the iCloud Drive folder. In fact we don’t recommend using both iCloud and Obsidian Sync on the same folder, it might lead to unpredictable results (e.g. conflict copies).

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Got it. Thank you!!! :pray: :sunglasses:

What is the difference between iCloud sync and Obsidian sync? Where are these different folders kept?

iCloud sync uses the Apple iCloud system. When you install the Obsidian mobile app, it creates an “Obsidian” Folder in your iCloud account, and you—I believe—need to move your vault folder(s) in there.

Obsidian sync is a (paid) service from Obsidian. As explained above, it allows you to keep your Vault folders anywhere you like on your computer.

How can I get the paid version? I would rather keep my vault on my computer. But I have 2 computers and devices that need to keep the vaults in sync.

Same place you got the app from in the first place: Obsidian Sync

Any syncing option will place a copy on a server somewhere, but your files of course also stay on your computer.

Thus ends my penance as customer support. Have a nice day! :slight_smile:


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