Question about task and dataview

so i have a task thats formatted as below. if i want to filter every task which has brother what do i need to do?

- [ ] #task feed [[brother]] [[chicken]] [[salad]] in [[cafeteria]]

i tried tasks vanilla filter but i read it cant filter based on links
next i tried dataview with the fillowing
table file.tasks.text from [[brother]]

it was able to retrieve the text and the location if the file but when i tried to also include the checkmark (file.tasks.checked) i ran into error.

so my question is

  1. how do you guys filter task based on status, links, words inside the task.
  2. is it possible to create tasks and a sub task? if so how to do this?
  3. is it possible to retrieve a task which is a block( child)
  • [ ] #task feed [[brother]] [[chicken]] [[salad]] in [[cafeteria]]
    • he doesnt like to eat anything else
    • cafeteria is his favorite place

You can start with these queries:

  1. (filter by text)
WHERE contains(text, "[[brother]]")
  1. (filter by link/outlink)
WHERE contains(outlinks, [[brother]])


thanks that worked. now i just need to figure out how to filter all not done task.

one more question. how do you filter using the filename
where contains(outlinks, [[]])
i tried this and it doesnt return any result. it works with text but outlinks doesnt return anything

About link to current note:

WHERE contains(outlinks,

About not done tasks, add this filter:

WHERE !completed

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