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On Android and PC, file search is almost the same. But there is a small difference that annoys me. On a PC, I find files, open one of them, see a highlighted search term, start editing a note, and the highlight keeps highlighting the words all the time. On Android, after you start editing a note, the highlighting of words disappears. Is this a bug or oversight? How to fix it?
Obsidian 0.15.9

This is not an issue for me on Windows 10. As soon as I click to edit, the highlight disappears. It could be related to a plugin or theme. Try the sandbox vault.

I don’t know what Windows 10 has to do with it. I’m talking about the fact that search on Android is not the same as on PC. On Android, the highlight of the found words is not saved when I start editing a note. This behavior was from the very beginning immediately after installing the application from the Google market.

They’re saying the PC behavior you describe is abnormal. Try the sandbox vault.

You asked if the behavior for PC was a bug or an oversight. I suggested that it may be related to a theme or plugin because my PC, running Windows 10, does not have the same issue. I cannot help fix it unless there is more info provided. In the Obsidian command palette, there is an option called Show debug info. Please paste that info here.

But I like this behavior. I want to see the same behavior on android)

I asked why on Android the highlighting of words is reset after the start of editing. I do not like it.

The way it behaves on Android is the way the same feature works in most software, as far as I know.

I’m currently using simplenote for notes. It has a similar search and on Android, the highlighting of words is not reset after the start of editing (and this behavior on a PC). I like this behavior, it’s very convenient. And I want the same search behavior on PC and android.

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