Question about create note and move in folder

What I’m trying to do

Hi im started obsidian yesterday for my work
And try study Templater

So i want
1.if i create new note

2.note name change to “name yymmdd”

3.And move note to a didnt exist folder in a "NAME"folder(create new folder “name”)

4.And I want to have the designated template come up
in the notes( in reference folder)

Since I am Korean, English is difficult and I don’t know much about coding, so there is a problem

I’ve searched and found some ways, but it’s not exactly the way I want it to work, and I have a hard time using it in combination

Things I have tring to do

So i search this site and found this code

<%* let qcFileName = await tp.system.prompt(“Note Title”); let folderPath = await tp.system.prompt(“Enter the destination folder path”); let titleName = qcFileName + " " +“YYMMDD”); await tp.file.rename(titleName); await tp.file.move(“/” + folderPath + “/” + titleName); // Check folder and apply modifications if (folderPath === “NAME/”) { // Apply changes for notes await tp.template.apply_template(“Path to Notes Template”); } else if (folderPath === “Projects”) { // Apply changes for projects await tp.template.apply_template(“Path to Projects Template”); } -%>

This code can 1,2 and 3step
But in 3steps i just make folder not folder in folder
And cant do step4

It’s okay if it’s not a template

If there’s a other way

Plz help me sir