Querying notes that haven't been modified in the past x days (not using file.mtime) but a frontmatter field

because the reasons pointed by @holroy in previous post

just a final way: if date links in last_check are a mix of existent files or unresolved links, i guess you can use this

where last_check and default(last_check.file.day, date(meta(last_check).path)) < date(today) - dur(7 days)

Great approach, I learned something new.

Although to be sure I follow, can you explain why you say " if we’ve seen that earlier on, we would have caught on the fact that your last_check inline field is actually links, and not just pure strings."

I’m asking because, as far as I know, queries always render date as dates, irrespective of whether they are dates or links, as in this case.

Did you try that, or just assume it?

Not true. Unless you define in settings > dataview the output format to “yyyy-MM-dd” and don’t notice that the render of [[2022-11-24]] is different from 2022-11-24.

I’ve been querying dates for a long time, and always received the unlinked format.

Not sure how I can try this out @mnvwvnm

My output date format in settings > dataview:

A file/query for test purposes:

Rendered view:

If I change the settings from “MMM dd, yyyy” to “yyyy-MM-dd” I’ll see the render in this way:

All cases seems (equal) dates, but they aren’t!

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