Query with checkboxes on the same page

What I’m trying to do

I guess I’m bad in remembering what spells I have available, so I want to create a page which can suggest spells to me using tags.

The way I would like to do this:

  1. Create a page for each spell I have and add tags to them like: Buff, Debuff, Damage, etc
  2. Then on the suggestion page I would like to add checkboxes for each of those tags.
  3. Have a query creating a table with spells, based on the tags (checkboxes) checked.

Things I have tried

I did search this forum and there are topics about doing queries with checkboxes. Though, I believe they’re mostly about having a query which should include pages where a checkbox on the page itself is marked or not. While in my situation the checkboxes are all on one page and the pages to be found dont have any.


  • First of all, is it possible to do this? Im assuming it should be done with dataview.
  • If so, are there any examples out there which show how to include checkboxes in the query? Where the checkboxes in question are on the same page as the query representing tags being on different pages.

Thanks in advance!