Query to embed list of files (not just md files)

Things I have tried

I’ve used data view pretty extensively but it doesn’t (yet) support queries which return non-markdown files (or at least, not all non-markdown files.

I’ve also tried to use Templater along with user defined bash scripts. These will let me get the current files but the results are then static; I’d like the list to be up to date (e.g. if I add or delete files from the directory)

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to get a simple list of files in the directory of the current note. For example the list below includes markdown files and Word (docx) files. I created this list using a Templater “Script User Function” which invoked ls and sed, however the result is static. I’d really like something that is dynamically generated whenever I open up the note.

  • [[BIZ - Set up UK business entity.md]]
  • [[CoSec Annual Service and Fee Proposal.docx]]
  • [[Company Formation 2021 scope& fee proposal.docx]]
  • [[Kanban - BIZ - Set up UK business entity.md]]
  • [[Newco Formation Questionnaire 2021.docx]]
  • [[Tori Belle UK Formation Questionnaire 2021.docx]]
  • [[UK business entity tax implications.md]]

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