Query Regarding Obsidian's LevelDB Files

I have a few queries regarding Obsidian’s LevelDB structure and its usability across different devices. I hope someone knowledgeable in this area can provide guidance.

  1. Reading the Log File: I’m interested in understanding how to read the LevelDB log file directly. Is there a recommended method or tool to access and interpret the contents of the log file generated by Obsidian’s LevelDB?
  2. Opening the LevelDB Database: Are there any specific instructions or commands to directly open and interact with the Obsidian LevelDB database? I’m looking for insights into accessing the database files for exploration or analysis.
  3. Loading the Database on Another Computer: I’m curious to know if it’s feasible to load the Obsidian LevelDB database onto another computer. If so, what steps or procedures would allow me to access my Obsidian vault data on a different device using the LevelDB files?

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