Query of project files

Hello all,

Im looking for the search query or dataview query for the following issue.

I have multiple multiple files that are tagged with ‘project’. The file name is also consistent in that each file is called ‘project - xxx.md’

Each project file has a description internally ‘## description’ and is a short description of the process.

How can I create a search query or dataview query to get an overview of all projectes with the short description.

I have YAML onto for some other filtering but I could not figure out how i could show the description as well for each project.

Dataview and query is ok for me.

About dataview, for now you can’t query headers/section (only possible for tasks queries).
But you can use inline fields using the format key:: value. For example:

Project ABC



description:: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Integer aliquet eu nibh sed pharetra. Praesent sit amet magna vel lacus condimentum finibus id ac quam. Cras eu eros posuere, molestie lacus at, laoreet purus.

With full inline fields the value need to be in same line. If you want to break line (or write another description in other place, you can add multiple description:: blabla (as result you get a list of description in your note.

With this method you can use this simple dataview query:

TABLE description
FROM #project
SORT file.name ASC
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Thanks… It works.

I was actually thinking yesterday afternoon, as mnvwvnm sees this, the solution will follow and it did ! many thanks for clarifying the dataview though this forum in a practical way.

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