Query for tasks in the daily Log and Zettelkasten Notes?

Things I have tried

  • The following only lists tasks created in the Log
task:"" path:("Logs/2021-06-14" OR "Zettelkasten Notes/20210614")
task:"" path:("Logs/2021-06-14" OR "Zettelkasten Notes/20210614*")
  • The following lists tasks created in the Log and the one Zettelkasten Note
task:"" path:("Logs/2021-06-14" OR "Zettelkasten Notes/2021061411415")

What I’m trying to do

I would like to display all tasks for the day from the current daily notes file and Zettelkasten Note files in the “Task worked on today” section of the daily notes file.

Daily Notes folder: Log
Daily Notes Date Format: YYYY-MM-DD
Zettelkasten Notes folder: Zettelkasten Notes

The query should include the tasks from Daily Notes file and all Zettelkasten Notes based on a date in the query.

The query from the Daily Note work as expected, but I suspect I need a wildcard for the Zettelkasten Notes portion of the query, something like

task:"" path:("Logs/2021-06-14" OR "Zettelkasten Notes/20210614*")

Hi, you should activate the “Explain search term” to verify your search:

As you can see, it’s matching notes’ file path containing the exact text: “Zettelkasten Notes/20210614”. This cannot match notes like “2021061411415” because it’s not exactly named “20210614”

Maybe you could try removing double quotes from the zettelkasten notes filename:

task:"" path:("Logs/2021-06-14" OR "Zettelkasten Notes/"20210614)

to match partial filenames:

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