Query for Task Assignment in Peoples Page

What I’m trying to do

Hello everyone

To explain my setup:
I have my daily notes where I can add new tasks with the QuickAdd Plugin in combination with the “Tasks” plugin. This works really fine so far.
Additionally I have create a template for People in my company which includes all relevant information as well as a query for Tasks. These tasks are relevant for me as i either have to finish them for this person or i want to check later if the task was finished by this person. The name of the People file is always the name of the person.
I am struggling to set up the Task query for the people template as it should be dynamic and work for every person I create a file. So the query should use the name of this person an look through all the tasks if the name of this person is included somewhere.

A task can look like this:

  • [ ] #todo Name Task

E.g.: - [ ] #todo Max Musterman has to do the grocery shopping

And in the moment this is my query which doesn´t give me any results:

not done
description includes "{{file.name}}"

Things I have tried

I already looked through the obsidian explaination of queries and also searched the internet for dynamic solutions but I wasn´t able to find one which was working.

I also tried different ways like:

Thanks for your support!

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