QR code-like automatic image linking

Use case or problem

I am looking for a way to better integrate my concept sketching in 2D and 3D design software with Obsidian. It becomes difficult or rather tedious to maintain the levels of organizational structure I develop in Obsidian once I begin acting on those ideas.

Proposed solution

If there were a QR code-like visual stamping method that would avoid the need to relink and tag/etc each time you have a new image that you want related in certain ways. This feature would produce a pattern you could add to an image in other software that would set a chain of events into action when you brought that image into Obsidian. Maybe they could even be clickable.

Current workaround (optional)

Recently I have been using Mermaid and Mind Map diagrams with call-out lines projecting from the node to the relevant region of the sketch or rendering. Then I sometimes begin layering and linking these images within Mermaid diagrams which is nice with the Page Preview to act as a visual table of contents.