Python-Markdown Compatibility for Admonitions

Things I have tried

None - This is just a question.


I am just trying to figure out if/whether the Python-Markdown style admonitions can be added to Obsidian.

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to share my notes with my colleagues and work on them together, but some of them use other Markdown editing applications that do not recognize Obsidian-style admonitions like


They expect Python-Markdown style admonitions like

!!! Attention “Attention text”

Is this something that can be added to Obsidian?

I don’t think the devs would add that (I have no inside knowledge), but I imagine a plugin could be written to do it.

Thank you. It’d be nice to have this “interoperability” so that Obsidian can be the “center” of all things MD.

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